deStatik (2009)

This installation is made for the exhibition Dass es so weitergeht ist die Katatastrophe! by Esc Im Labor Graz, Austria, during the Steirischer Herbst 2009 art festival. On Vimeo is also a video about this exhibition and an interview with Malte Steiner + sounds from the Elektronengehirn concert.

Malte Steiner was invited to be Artist-In-Residency from 24. September till 18. Oktober and programmed the software in C++ with help of the opensource librarys OpenCV, OpenSceneGraph and Bullet for the physic simulation of the objects.

The installation was shown in public during the festival in a shopwindow of an empty shop in the Annenstrasse 8 in Graz. Bypassers trigger a stylized catastrophe of collapsing objects. When all came down, it rebuilds itself, an endless catastrophe or, as artist Eva Sjuve pointed out, a digital Sisyphus. The installation was also shown at ESC.