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installation by Das Kombinat

Interactive installation titled "Gespenster", german for ghosts. It includes a computer with the custom software, a videocamera, microphone and videoprojector. The videocamera capture the audience and the software transforms the pictures which are projected. When there is no movement, the screen is total black. Only moving parts are shown in white and are echoed, ghosting appears. The microphone records when there are noises and whispers. A motiondetection alghorithm is controling the soundreplay. Horizontal changes affects the stereodistribution, vertical chooses the part which can be heard of the current sample. Unlike usual sampling technics our software can go to each part of the sound in any speed without altering the pitch. It can even freeze one frame of the recording, which happens when a motion stops. Reverbration gives the sound supernatural spacial information.

This installation invides to play with, an important feature foruse to create interactive electronic art. It responses to motion and noises and transforms them by creating artificially the visual ghosting effect in black and white. A transparent echo of the preceding movement follows the beholder.


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