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22.11.2007 Finissage 24.november 19:00

On 24. november 19:00 Michel Chevalier and me closing our exhibition 'Reifenwechsel Mit Allan Kaprow' in Hamburg , Germany with an last event, lecturing the results of Goran Rakic und Anna Müllers research.[more]

Category: internal

07.11.2007 First pictures from the exhibition online

First pictures from the current exhibition 'Reifenwechsel Mit Allen Kaprow' are online. More to follow...

Category: internal

26.10.2007 exhibition Reifenwechsel Mit Allan Kaprow

Together with Michel Chevalier, Malte Steiner shows a new exhibition of installation art in Hamburg from 1. to 23. november 2007. Its their second collaboration.

Category: internal

15.10.2007 Konform releases new song on Kernkrach compilation

Konform released a brand new song on the double LP compilation Doppelhertz by Kernkrach: Kernkrach says it sells fast so be quick to get your copy! [more]

Category: internal

28.09.2007 how to compile Csound on Linux

Malte Steiner posted a short discription on why and how to compile Csound for Linux on your own.

Category: internal

27.08.2007 Elektronengehirn live Copenhagen 30.august 2007

Elektronengehirn performs the dataglove concert live in Copenhagen, Denmark at the ICMC 2007 conference on 30.August 2007. It will be at Huset i Magstrćde and starts at 11pm.[more]

Category: internal, Elektronengehirn events

07.06.2007 target: autonopop presents: «unlimited liability»

The multiple shop unlimited liability reopen for a limited time in Hamburg like last year. Again Block 4 records and DVDs are available there too. 6/9-8/12/2007 target: autonopop presents: «unlimited liability», multiples from...[more]

Category: external

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