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15.10.2007 Konform releases new song on Kernkrach compilation

Konform released a brand new song on the double LP compilation Doppelhertz by Kernkrach: Kernkrach says it sells fast so be quick to get your copy! [more]

Category: internal

28.09.2007 how to compile Csound on Linux

Malte Steiner posted a short discription on why and how to compile Csound for Linux on your own.

Category: internal

27.08.2007 Elektronengehirn live Copenhagen 30.august 2007

Elektronengehirn performs the dataglove concert live in Copenhagen, Denmark at the ICMC 2007 conference on 30.August 2007. It will be at Huset i Magstræde and starts at 11pm.[more]

Category: internal, Elektronengehirn events

07.06.2007 target: autonopop presents: «unlimited liability»

The multiple shop unlimited liability reopen for a limited time in Hamburg like last year. Again Block 4 records and DVDs are available there too. 6/9-8/12/2007 target: autonopop presents: «unlimited liability», multiples from...[more]

Category: external

23.05.2007 Xyramat live Hamburg 24.5. Rote Flora

Xyramat is back from her successful Japantour and plays live in Hamburg, here the promoblurb in German: Radio Gagarin, das Fachmagazin für Krach, Elektroakustik und Marderfraß(FSK, jeden 2. und 4. Freitag, 20.00 Uhr) lädt...[more]

Category: internal

08.05.2007 Xyramat live in Japan

Right now Xyramat is live on tour in Japan so take the rare opportunity and fetch one of the performances: 08.Mai.2007 21:00 SuperDeluxe ...[more]

Category: internal

27.04.2007 Suns 3D multiuser online system (not Looking Glas)

Sun seem to throw some cash into research. One interesting thing is their forthcomming collaboration system MPK20 which runs with their Dark Star game server. Slashdotters...[more]

Category: external

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