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27.04.2007 Suns 3D multiuser online system (not Looking Glas)

Sun seem to throw some cash into research. One interesting thing is their forthcomming collaboration system MPK20 which runs with their Dark Star game server. Slashdotters...[more]

Category: external

27.04.2007 Alsa Modular Synthesizer 1.8.8 RC1 released

Alsa Modular Synthesizer is a free open source realtime modular software synthesizer without compromises regarding sound quality. Its Jack compatible and can include LADSPA plugins. [more]

Category: internal

22.03.2007 concert at Linux Audio Conference Jam

Notstandskomitee will have a short set at C-Base Berlin during the Linux Audio Conference[more]

Category: internal, Notstandskomitee events Notstandskomitee events

27.02.2007 The Thing party with DJs Black Bunny (aka Xyramat) and HerrnSteiner

The Thing Hamburg have a party event in Hamburg, 2.3.2007[more]

Category: internal

27.02.2007 Linux Audio Conference Berlin

The Linux Audio Conference will take place this year in Berlin from 22.3. to 25.3.2007.[more]

Category: external

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