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15.06.2014 Das Kombinat remixes 77tm

the remix Das Kombinat did for 77tm:[more]

Category: internal

21.05.2014 Notstandskomitee concert Berlin 23. May 2014

Notstandskomitee is performing 23. May 2014 in Loophole Berlin on this nice event:[more]

Category: Notstandskomitee events, internal Notstandskomitee events

09.10.2013 lecture 10. October about game engines

Steiner going to lecture at the next Scope Session this week in Berlin about his usage of open source game engines and realtime 3D for visuals from my beginning in late 90s mid...[more]

Category: internal

14.02.2013 New realtime live visuals

In the last days I worked with open source game engine Panda3D and Blender for modeling to creating the realtime visuals for the Notstandskomitee concerts 2013 on, controlled from my Ableton set and Max4Live via OSC.  Had...[more]

Category: internal

20.07.2012 Restlichtverstärker live in Berlin 21.7.2012

Restlichtverstärker, the band of Servando Barreiro and Malte Steiner will perform tomorrow the first time in Berlin at Supersonic Club, a year after the Notstandskomitee concert there. [more]

Category: internal

09.03.2012 !Linear, first interactive media art piece for e-reader

This is one of the first, possibly the first interactive media art piece for e-reader. !Linear (pronaunced nonlinear) is about interactive storytelling from user generated content, a mashup.

Category: internal

10.02.2012 exhibition and concert 11.Feb Berlin

An lab situation evening at Freies Museum Berlin[more]

Category: internal

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