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Malte Steiner created in 2005 for Cyworx a four part tutorial on modelling with the subdevision modeller Wings 3D which is available for free for Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. The tutorial also includes UV mapping for texturing. The Objects can be used in realtime 3D software like Max/MSP Jitter or PD / GEM.

The parts can be found at

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Sound Synthesis

Pure Data

Notstandskomitee Visual Sequencer System

Minicomputer Synthesizer

Alsa Modular Synthesizer


3Klang Linux synthesizer

MacOSX software synthesizer


3D Engine

work in progress, the beginning

GPGPU, the future

Choosing a 3D engine

Education and Ressources

Raspberry Pi research

Realtime visuals with Panda3D

Blender as batch processor

3D with Max/MSP Jitter

Wings 3D modelling


preparing netbook