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In pd at the moment I work on all-purpose synthesizer patches to get away from the one patch is one song paradigma,  I recreate to often the same stuff without reusing it. The goal is to create patches which are equal in usage as the hardware pendants. A first demo ogg is here, baddly played on a midikeyboad.

It will be available for free but I am not sure about it in the future, because distributing patches for PD is troublesome when you require certain modules which might not available on other distributions. A self contained system is much more desireable, maybe as DSSI plugin (the VSTI equivalent on Linx) or standalone application.

demo ogg


Sound Synthesis

Pure Data

Notstandskomitee Visual Sequencer System

Minicomputer Synthesizer

Alsa Modular Synthesizer


3Klang Linux synthesizer

MacOSX software synthesizer


3D Engine

work in progress, the beginning

GPGPU, the future

Choosing a 3D engine

Education and Ressources

Raspberry Pi research

Realtime visuals with Panda3D

Blender as batch processor

3D with Max/MSP Jitter

Wings 3D modelling


preparing netbook