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04.10.2018 the new Akustikkoppler album Utopia

if you are in for original, weird electronic music: out now on the netlabel Amencoma from Chile: the new album Utopia which Malte Steiner produced together with Matthias Schuster as Akustikkoppler some years ago ...[more]

Category: Akustikkoppler Events

03.10.2018 concert video Tina Mariane Krogh Madsens recent Berlin concert

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsens soloconcert at modular+ space Berlin 17. June 2018: [more]

Category: internal

15.09.2018 video PNE + Das Kombinat concert Aurich 1991

The legendary combined concert of PNE and Das Kombinat in Aurich Germany 1991. We liturally played together with PNE a string of concerts and had the idea to be all on stage and just alternate every couple of songs, PNE,...[more]

Category: internal

12.09.2018 Elektronengehirn at Radio Tsonami from Chile

Elektronengehirn is featured in this Chilenian radio program by Óscar Santis:[more]

Category: Elektronengehirn events

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