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videomapping in PD
research of videomapping with PD and Gem, complete with downloadable abstractions
pure data lab
pure data lab was hold 2. August 2009 at Unlimited Liability Hamburg, Germany. Not replacing a whole workshop but more as temporary media lab for exploring the possibilites of pd.
external url at about Malte Steiners Pure Data workshop
Pure Data main page
Pure Data community page with Downloads, infos, patches and more
floss manual
comprehensive handbook on Pure Data
Sound Synthesis

Pure Data

videomapping in PD

pure data lab


Pure Data main page

floss manual

Notstandskomitee Visual Sequencer System

Minicomputer Synthesizer

Alsa Modular Synthesizer


3Klang Linux synthesizer

MacOSX software synthesizer


3D Engine

work in progress, the beginning

GPGPU, the future

Choosing a 3D engine

Education and Ressources

Raspberry Pi research

Realtime visuals with Panda3D

Blender as batch processor

3D with Max/MSP Jitter

Wings 3D modelling


preparing netbook